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Home lift system Projec

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Circular Home-Lift Project   Central opening  800*2000


450KG 3/3/3  0.5m/s  wooden finishing  cabin and doors


400KG  4/4/4, 0.4m/s  

Panoramic with glass doors and glass shaft


Super small space installation project

The semi-circle lift door was successfully installed in the limited space,4-panel center opening narrow door.Pit depth 200mm、overhead  height 2760mm、sill width 45mm.


340KG, 0.5m/s, 4/4/4, MRL Homelift

Laminated steel cabin, stainless steel door with vision  glass


340KG, 0.5m/s, 5/5/5 MRL Homelift

Laminated steel cabin, laminated steel door with vision glass

Bay 9 - Lavender Bay (1)

400kg, 0.3m/s, with Double Entrances, 3/3/3

Black painted cabin, framed glass door with black painted frame


410kg, 0.5m/s, 4/4/4 In compliance with SS550 standard 

Rose gold st.st. cabin and framed glass doors

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