• Genesis officially starts mark... 2016-07-18 Maximum speed: 0.15m/s Maximum load: 400KGMinimum pit depth 80mm (with small access ramp)Minimum headroom height 2000mmSignal half-wall , signal full-height wall, full cabin with ceilingMaximum number of entrances: 3Machine room-lessNo need for building workreduced assembly time
  • Genesis officially starts mark... 2016-07-06 Genesis officially starts marketing for BUS automatic folding door operatorTo install inside of cabin, occupying depth of 100mmFolded panel thickness 50mm, occupying width CO+50Selectable panel material stainless steel, powder coated sheets, laminatedsheets and etc..Applicable for home-lift with limited shaft and cabin sizeOptional vision panel
  • Suzhou Genesis successfully pa... 2016-05-17 Suzhou Genesis successfully participated in International Elevator Exhibition held from 05.10 to 05.13.2016 in Shanghai,china.
  • Suzhou Genesis successfully pa... 2016-03-23 Suzhou Genesis has participated all the last three IEE EXPOs successively.Since year 2007 Suzhou Genesis started our marketing & sales activities in Indian market, during the last 10 years Genesis witnessed the rapid growth of the Indian market and could successfully win the overall market acknowledgement with our solid and reliable product quality.The latest drive technology and product developme...

Suzhou Genesis Elevator Systems Co., Ltd  has made certain achievements in the field of non-standard doors won market acknowledgement, we have successfully provided solutions for projects such as heavy-duty freight doors

  Suzhou Genesis Elevator Systems Co., Ltd. is founded in December 2004 as an Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.  Our team staffs are with many years experience in China domestic and global elevator components business, which builds a high expertise for elevator components development, manufacturing, and system configuration.
 Located in Dongjing Industrial Park, Suzhou SIP, our company is specialized in manufacturing