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SUZHOU GENESIS ELEVATOR SYSTEM CO. LTD successfully participated in INTERLIFT’ 2013 - the international elevator expo held from 10-15 to 10-18 in Augsburg, Germany. GENESIS now has four consecutive pr

Posted on 2013-11-15
On this exhibition, GENESIS focuses on presentation of GENESIS FIRE-RATED DOORS、GLASS DOORS and the latest GENESIS DOOR DRIVE TECHNOLOGY.
Currently GENESIS FIRE-RATED DOORS has covered as follows, which can meet comprehensive demand of European, Hong Kong, Singapore and other markets:
1.  BS476-22 E160 certification (insulated fire-rated door according to BS 476)
2.  E-120 certification (Fire-rated door according to EN81:58)
3.  Fire-rated vision panel door certification for Singapore (according to BS 476)

The display of framed and frameless glass doors highlights GENESIS leading edge in glass door panel design and processing technology.  It guarantees a high-end aesthetic image of the glass door panels with control on the details and precision.

The display of latest development of door drive technology with DC servo control with PM motor (GDO) and AC servo control with PM motor (GDK) represents GENESIS pursuit of continuous technology improvement and innovation.
  Super compact design: the thickness of both kinds of operators is controlled within the sill width, which supports operator front fixing and provides ideal solution for the difficulty of high-cabin elevator design.
The total operator height of GDK with 300mm is a further solution for very limited headroom.
  Advanced drive technology: the application of PM motor and servo control technology realizes fully close loop control and guarantees excellent running curve and powerful programming capabilities; using high torque motors supports to achieve better performance of operator.  

  Powerful software features: soft touch, traffic peak operation, adaptive curve, memory function, without self-learning, plug-and-play and other market-leading powerful software features fully realize the intelligent control of the door.

  WIFI programming functions: GENESIS GDK door operator with WIFI wireless remote programming function is the most eye-catching highlight on the exhibition. Commissioning engineers can carry out remote programming of the operator through any Android phone with WIFI 200meters away from operator. This feature is leading innovation of door operator programming, fully embodies GENESIS capabilities on innovating and technology development.

    Exhibitors and visitors from all around the world participated in this great event of elevator industry.  During the four-day exhibition GENESIS had received visitors of existing customers and potential business partners from all over the world, carried out face-to face communications and information exchange with customers, potential clients and business friends of the industry. The presence of Genesis on Interlift’2013 gives another satisfactory harvest.