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Genesis 10 Years

Posted on 2017-03-20

On January 19th,2017, Genesis team celebrated our TEN-YEAR anniversary in Hanyuan Hotel,Suzhou.


Genesis 10 years - 10 memorable years, 10 fighting years raised a hard-working and growing Genesis Team, formed our core competence and won supporting customers and business partners all over the world. Reviewing the past time years’ growth also opens a  new era for future success.

Reviewing the past,look into the fyture,stably moving forward.
Loyal staff share speech

 10 years fighting made 10 years success, in past 10 years company moved three times for expansion, grew from small unknown company to one with wide product range and special solutions. Looking into future, we are full of hope and confidence to create bright future and classical projects one after other with excellent leadership and our Genesis team showing strong will power and cohesiveness.

 Continue of the journey: you will guide my goal, I will work hard to accomplish your wish, to build your future.
Every one’s effort will make Genesis better in future, Genesis will provide every one a platform to show your value.
 “Without wind and storm there will be no rainbow”. We experienced many difficulties, defeats in past time years, we grew by solving problems, winning experiences, and got recognized by the market. Today Genesis is like our family, we all wish to create a bright future for our family with our own hands.